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Regular voice calls and sms are logged by the telcos and therefore are not secure means of communication. In this age of technical advances and where leaving a digital imprint could lead to implications, why not take the safer alternative of communicating over a WiFi network?

I take WhatsApp voice calls, text. Alternatively you may consider using Telegram or WeChat to contact me.

Phone Contact

WhatsApp (Voice + Text) or Telegram. Strictly no SMS

+6011 5575 0589

Email Address


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I have received your email booking. Provided all necessary details are furnished, I will process the email and reply to you very soon if I received the email from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Otherwise I will reply by 12 noon the following day.
There seems to be a technical error. Please contact Royce at +65 9868 4177 using either WhatsApp, Telegram or WeChat ID: RoyceEscorts65