Verify Yourself

It starts with a simple verification process...

Only verified customers are eligible for bookings with any of the girls I represent, some of who may be off site and are only available by recommendation.

Verify yourself in one of the following ways:

Hotel Verification
by providing me with your last name, hotel and room number. I will call to the hotel to verify. You need not be in room to take the call.

• Absolutely no full photos will be provided until you are verified.
• Absolutely no budget, hourly, shady hotels.
• Rates are fixed.

Advance Pre-Payment
For those who prefers discretion or house calls to a suitable address, I would require an advance deposit of 50% of the booking rate of the escort in advance.

Getting cosy...

Once verified and after a few bookings, you will be tiered as a trusted client. The girls I represent understands the difference between a verified client and a trusted client.

You will experience a higher level of trust — which ultimately will mean a higher level of confidence & comfort — hence the level of gfe will be outstanding! Trusted and VIP clients enjoy a premium level of service that is the signature & hallmark of Royce Escorts.

I may accept new clients as a VIP provided that I have a brief intro of yourself along with a credit deposit of 5000 SGD.

Phone Booking 

WhatsApp (voice & Text) / Telegram. Strictly no SMS

+6011 5575 0589

Email Me

Emailing me does not verify you.
Email for general inquiries only.

I have received your email booking. Provided all necessary details are furnished, I will process the email and reply to you very soon if I received the email from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Otherwise I will reply by 12 noon the following day.
There seems to be a technical error. Please contact Royce at +65 9868 4177 using either WhatsApp, Telegram or WeChat ID: RoyceEscorts65